Steak #2

For this attempt, I got a different cut of meat and used a different grilling method. I wanted to get a ribeye (the same as Steak #1), but couldn’t find it at Cub. Instead, this package caught my eye:

It said it was great for grilling. It lied. Later, I learned that this was the worst cut I could have purchased. I guess that’s why I thought it was reasonably priced.

Anyway, we grilled them up. I learned that you put the charcoal in the grill in an even layer, except for a little hole in the middle, which I guess is something relating to heat and placement of the meat.

Then you light the charcoal on fire, but you have to wait for it to die down before you put the meat on (bummer).

Anyway, then we put the meat on and flipped it once and it was done!

It seemed like less monkey business than the gas grill, even with the charcoal. I didn’t like it because the texture was chewy, but I’m blaming that on the cut of meat. Apparently this is good steak to put *in* things, like fajitas or something. I’ll try that with the leftovers. My mom said sirloin is the way to go, so I’ll have to try that next time.


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