Steak #1: “You just have to know”

I (helped) grill my first steak last weekend. I thought my first resource would be Boyfriend, because he has experience cooking steak, especially on the grill. My first question was what kind of steak to buy. He suggested the Rib Eye because it was a good cut for the price (at least, that was my takeaway). After I purchased them (more expensive than the chicken last month btw), I started doing some internet research. The internet suggested I just season them with salt and pepper.IMG_3469

Back to Boyfriend to learn how to cook the steak. We turned the grill on high, put the steaks on for “a minute” (not a real minute, mind you) each side to…sear them. Then they went on that small top rack of the grill to cook. I asked how long they cook for or how I’d know if they were done. Boyfriend says “you just have to know.” Super helpful, right?


Anyway, they turned out, but I’m not confident it would be as easy if I had done it alone. We both agreed that the salt and pepper was all the needed seasoning, at least this time.


My takeaway: this is waaaay easier than the chicken, although more expensive. I appreciated that I only had to have three ingredients (steak, salt, pepper) and that it didn’t take very long. Also, apparently, you’re not supposed to cut the fat off the steak, so I didn’t have to handle the meat very much, which is a huge plus.


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