Steak on the grill

Well.  I can say, quite confidently, that I have eaten steak three times in my life.  One of those times was for this post.

(I’m not trying to be hyperbolic here, either.  I’m a cheap date, as they say.)

I also have only operated a grill maybe twice in my life.  And when I say operated, I mean . . . opened and turned the food, and then maybe closed the grill, or removed the food?  I like grilled food, but I don’t have outdoor space, or the patience to grill things.

So I asked my ol’ buddy Chad to fire up his grill and teach me a little about this fancy cooking technique.  He’s made burgers & chicken breasts on the grill that are quite delicious.  His response: “well, I don’t usually grill steaks but . . . sure!”  So off we went to Kowalski’s, where I made friends with Zeke the Butcher.  (I assume he’s a butcher, he may also just be a dude who works at the meat counter at a local grocery store).

Zeke was obviously charmed when I informed him that I knew nothing about grilling steaks and had only ever eaten steak twice in my life.  He was crazy helpful, informing us about cuts of steak, propane vs. charcoal (basically charcoal is life? I dunno), the meaning of blue rare (which I guess is like eating sushi but beef . . . ).

Zeke also gave some pro-tips:

  • Let the meat sit out for at least an hour.
  • Sear the steak on high heat to get those nifty grill marks.
  • Turn the heat down and cook for 6-7 mintues per side (or until its 150ish inside).
  • Stick the heat thermometer in from the side not the top.
  • Let it rest before you dig in.

Zeke said that since I didn’t have a ‘flavor preference’ or something, they had NY Strip Steaks on sale and that seemed like a good place to start.  We grabbed some steaks, some potatoes, and some vegetables and went to town.

We let the potatoes (with holes poked, coated in oil, and wrapped in foil) sit on the grill for at least an hour.

Rob kindly cut the fat off the meat, seasoned and oiled it for us. (I’m still recovering from the whole spatchcocking event).

He also chopped the vegetables, tossed them in oil, salt, pepper.

Veggies on the grill: they took a bit longer than the steaks.

Chad manned the grill for the most part.  But I got the gist of it. Put it on the grill.  Don’t futz.

I’m  fan of that, it’s the opposite of a lot of cooking where you’re stir stir stir all the time.


The grilled baked potato was phenom.  The veggies were lovely and had a hint of that grill-flavor to them.  The steak was . . . a big piece of meat.  I enjoyed it!  I really did.  (I also busted out the BBQ sauce).  I probably won’t make one for just myself, or order it for my meal.  But I will probably end my self-imposed steak embargo the next time someone says ‘I’m gonna grill some steaks, want one?’

So long as they don’t throw stuff at me for the BBQ sauce.



2 thoughts on “Steak on the grill

  1. As always, its a pleasure being a part of your blog!

    Also, for the readers, I was happy to help Janine out with cooking… but I made her help me with some deck work haha. What a trade!

    Liked by 1 person

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