April – Steak

Janine Here.  It’s April which means it’s Steak month!  I’m interested in this month’s challenge because I know absolutely nothing about grilling, unless a George Foreman counts (and I’m gonna guess that’s a no).  Also.  I don’t really like steak . . .

My plan:  Find someone to teach me how to grill a steak who also might be okay eating the steak that I grill (or not throwing a plate at me if I put BBQ on it).  I’ll probably do at least 2 steaks, maybe a salad?  A sandwich?  Teriyaki?  Let me know if you have any suggestions!


Lisa Here: I’m also not super thrilled about steak month. I like steak, but I feel like it costs more than it’s worth. Maybe I’ll find out if that’s true or not. I just think that when I go to a restaurant and steak is, let’s say, $20 and chicken is, let’s say, $10, why not just get chicken? I’ll enjoy it just as much, if not more, than the steak. But I recognize that others like steak and that I should learn to cook it. Also, chicken gets boring sometimes and steak might be a good thing to have for dinner once in a while.

My plan: I want to make it on the grill. I also want to make it inside on…the stove? in the oven?. I should also be the one to purchase it and learn about different types (cuts?) of it and their corresponding price.


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