Roast Chicken Number 1

Chicken #1: I used my Cooks Illustrated recipe. The chicken turned out great, but not without some stress on my end. The recipe was clearly not written for those of us who have never cooked a chicken before. I read the recipe a bunch of times and tried to think it through, but I didn’t do any additional research. Here were my problems:

The recipe did not tell me that I had to clean out the chicken. Good thing I called my mom with a different question (what can I use to tie the legs together because I don’t have “twine”?) and she mentioned it. Also good thing I have a boyfriend fiance (eeek!!) who will do the dirty work.

Once the chicken was cleaned, I had to figure out where the wings were (on a frozen chicken, they looked pretty darn similar to the legs) and how push them back and how to tie the legs and ugh. I seasoned it and put it in the pan, “breast side up”. I wasn’t confident that I knew where the breasts were.

Also, can we talk about how I didn’t know the chicken was frozen? It’s not like I got it from the freezer at the store. So this probably was a factor in the next problem…

It took so long to cook!!! The recipe said just over an hour. This took at least two hours probably.

Bottom line: I paid almost $9 for this 4.2 lb chicken (it was the smallest one I could find). It tasted good, but not any better than the rotisserie chicken I can pick up at the store. And it was way more time and effort than picking the rotisserie chicken up at the store. So I’m not really sure why I’d ever roast a chicken again. Other than for cooking challenge purposes.






3 thoughts on “Roast Chicken Number 1

  1. you can save the carcass to make bone broth for collagen, glucosamine and glycine enriched soup!
    xoxo, your annoying holistic health friend


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