March – Roast Chicken

Lisa here. It’s March and I’m semi-excited to try roast chicken. I received a Cooks Illustrated magazine a couple of months ago, when Janine and I were just talking about this new challenge. There is a recipe in it for roast chicken. Perfect, right? So I saved the magazine and that’s where I’m going to start.

Here’s my plan: I’m trying not to be too ambitious, but I’d really like to make the chicken and then use all the parts for various things, including broth. I’ll report back with how that goes!

Janine here.   I thought it was a bit auspicious that my New York Times Daily Briefing email (which I subscribe to because it makes me feel #smart and #fancy) included, on March 2nd, Jacques Pepin’s Basic Roast Chicken recipe .

And it is basic. I can’t remember the last time I saw a recipe with only two ingredients (well, three, I guess).  I was reading the instructions and I kept thinking of the mole recipes from Chocolate week during the 52 Week challenge.  Those recipes included 30+ ingredients!

Here’s my plan: the Jacques Pepin recipe linked me to some other ways to prepare a roast chicken, and I decided how I’ll proceed.  I’ll be making 2 roast chickens this month.  One pretty basic and simple, and one a little more complex. I’ll try to find a way to use as much of the chickens as possible. (Though not broth, let me know if you want dibs on my chicken carcasses, I’m serious).

So . . . where does one purchase a chicken to roast?



3 thoughts on “March – Roast Chicken

  1. I can ask my sister to get a couple chickens for you guys to work with 😉

    Excited to see what you create! I’ve always wanted to use roasted chicken for meals (its the best for soup) but I HATE dealing with animal bones.


  2. Sounds like a yummy challenge! I’m wondering if you could detect any difference in flavor, texture etc between a grocery store chicken and a locally raised farm chicken?? Maybe fun to try! Just a thought.😊


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