Week 52 – Your Favorites

It’s a little fitting that we’re posting this final blog post exactly 1 year after we entered the blogging world.

We debated back & forth how we would handle our ‘favorites.’  Would it be our favorite foods, or our favorite posts, or even favorite categories.  I went with favorite foods and chose my go-to comfort food: Macaroni & Cheese.

I went with Queen Martha (Stewart’s) recipe because I trust her recipes a bit more than the random things you can find on Pinterest or other blogs.  The receive was a bit labor intensive, and there were many bowls & pots dirtied during my endeavor, but I was pretty happy with the final results.  Unfortunately I got distracted with the cooking and so here are the two pictures I did like:

This is the kind of recipe I would love to perfect & tweak. I used some fancy cheese (Dublin cheddar and Gruyere) and the addition of nutmeg and cayenne to the roux.  I think I’d also add some paprika (or replace something with paprika) for a different flavor.

I can’t believe it’s over!

The idea of doing something every week for 52 weeks sounded so easy and simple when we planned this out last year.  To say it has been a challenge doesn’t quite describe the experience correctly.  Sometimes it was very hard to find the time to cook something new, and take pictures, and talk about it, but sometimes it was the easiest and most fun thing in the world.

At week 1 I was so enthusiastic.  And week 26 I was so tired (let’s not talk about that Bento Box or the Potato week, shall we?).  I loved having a pre-set menu item to cook every week.  I loved having the chance to write a little something about my experience.  I loved telling people about the blog and hearing their suggestions, and their awe that we were going to do this for 52 whole weeks.

Lisa and I have enjoyed reading each other’s posts, debating recipe choices over gchat, and laughing at the sometimes awful pictures and results.  We’ve loved having guest bloggers participate and show their own skills.

We’re so very thankful that so many people read the blog each week and commented.  We’re thankful that so many people allowed themselves to be subjected to our cooking week in and week out, and let us structuring events based on what we needed to cook.

The experience has been absolutely wonderful and I’m so very glad we did it.

I’d like to end this post the same way I’ve ended all my others.

Things I’ve learned:

  • Slow down, Janine
  • And for the love of Pete read the recipe all the way through
  • There’s a 90% you already own that spice, don’t buy more (except the saffron)
  • Don’t always trust Pinterest recipes
  • Pay attention to what the food is doing while you cook it, and trust yourself enough to keep going

We won’t be back next week, but we might be back in 2017!






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