Week 45 – ‘Murica

Hey Friends! I hope everybody had a good Fourth of July! My weekend was full of activities and I am just now recovering. One activity was attending a Fourth of July parade with my mom and sister. We always used to go as kids, and now that my sister and I are back in the area, the tradition has started back up again. Here are a few pictures:

We always bring some adult beverages to the parade too. This year, I wanted to make Blueberry Strawberry Mojito. I love mojitos, but I have to say…they aren’t the best drink to bring to a parade or gathering. I also failed in getting mint in time. So we just went with some sangria that I made up with what I had on hand. For blogging purposes, though, I just had to make the Blueberry Strawberry Mojitos. They were SO good.


Ingredients. You just muddle some strawberries and blueberries in a glass with the usual mint, lime, and sugar. Then add some rum and club soda.

They were seriously so good. And SO pretty. Luckily, I have leftover ingredients 🙂

Next week, Janine will be back with “Local Ingredients”. Can’t wait!


One thought on “Week 45 – ‘Murica

  1. I must take ownership of this oversight. It was in fact me who had forgot the mint, therefore Lisa was unable to take the drinks to the parade. My apologies to all.


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