Week 43 – Opposite Side of the World

The joke is that if we dig a deep enough hole, we get to China, right? Well, I found this cool website that tells you what is on the opposite side of the world from where you live. I found out that Mankato, Minnesota is opposite the Indian Ocean. However, for this challenge, let’s just pretend China is the opposite side of the world…it is pretty far away.

My boyfriend, Thad, signed us up for a quarter share of a CSA this summer. Last week we had our first pickup. There was kale, eggs, strawberries, romaine, radishes and…bok choy. Since bok choy is a Chinese cabbage, it was perfect to use in this week’s challenge.

We decided to make spring rolls. They were pretty easy to make. We just had to chop up some bok choy:

Grate some carrots

Green Onion

Fresh mint


Then mix bok choy, carrot, green onion, mint, and cilantro in a bowl. We also chopped up some shrimp and chicken.

Then you moisten the spring roll papers until they are soft and flexible. I laid them out on a cutting board, added the protein, and then half a cup of the box choy mixture. Roll them up like a burrito.


We also purchased some sauce to dip them in:

In the end they tasted like…salad…without dressing…They were not delicious. Nobody had a second roll. I’m not sure how I would make them better. The solution is probably to just not make them again and leave them up to the professionals 🙂

Janine will post next week. The challenge is Historic/Famous Dishes. I’m thinking about making one of Congressman Tim Walz’s hot dish recipes that usually win Senator Al Franken’s Congressional hot dish contest!


2 thoughts on “Week 43 – Opposite Side of the World

  1. Whomever did all that chopping is impressive. That was sure a lot of ingredients to chop up. My take on this would be to add less healthy stuff, and add deep frying them 🙂


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