Week 40 – Unexpected Combinations

For Christmas my brother Phillip gave me an Ice Cream Ball.

It’s a basketball-sized thing, that you make ice cream with.  You pour your ice ingredients in one side, ice and rock salt on the other, roll it around for 15-30 minutes and . . . ice cream comes out.

There are a few more steps involved, but really, it’s not more complicated.

(Thanks, Emily, for being my photographer!)

There is a metal cylinder in the ball that holds the ingredients, which is surrounded and chilled by the ice. A quick googling told me that rock salt, will lower the freezing temperature of the ice (like it does with icey roads?) and allow the mixture around the ice cream to get colder, and the ice cream to freeze.  I’m not sure I 100% understood . . . it’s just physics.

Needless to say, I have been pretty psyched to use it since he gave it to me.

I also thought that ice cream was a pretty awesome way to do this week’s challenge; everyone loves traditional ice cream flavors, but I’m always so intrigued by different ones.  I did some googling and picked one: strawberry and basil.

Memorial day was a great opportunity to hang out with my friend Madeline and her two boys Andren (3) and Baby Dane (1).

First we went to a parade.

Then, we told Andren we’d make ice cream and things got exciting.

To test the ball out we started with vanilla with M&Ms.

We poured our heavy cream, sugar, vanilla, and candy into a bowl.

(or ice cream base of choice, you can do everything from cream to sorbet, what changes is the “rolling time”)

I had some much needed whisking help, until the sugar was dissolved.

We poured our ice cream ingredients into one side.

Then filled the other side with ice – it takes quite a bit of ice.  And the rock salt.

Seal it up.

Get to rolling.  After about 10 minutes you have to open up the ingredients side, scrape everything off the sides of the cylinder, and stir it up.  Then add some more ice and rock salt to the ice side.  If you scrape don’t, the middle won’t set, and the sides will be too frozen (and really hard to scrape off) when serving time comes.

Then roll for 5-10 more minutes (the longer you roll, the firmer the ice cream).  And enjoy!

This one makes about a pint of ice cream (and holds a pint of heavy cream).

For round 2 we tried the strawberry & basil – our unexpected combination.

I just grabbed some strawberry extract.

Which we mixed up with the fresh chopped basil, cream, and sugar in the food processor.

And rolled again: this time with the help of Baby Dane.

The results.

The strawberry & basil combo was surprisingly delicious!  We all kept commenting on how surprised we were about how the taste worked . . . like some Italian dessert.

Things I’d do differently:

  • More combos!
  • Puree fresh or frozen strawberries instead of extract
  • Chop the basil up into smaller bits, I didn’t love the basil pieces all over.

I would absolutely recommend an Ice Cream Ball, they are seriously so fun!

Come back next week, Lisa is doing Fusion!



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