Week 38 – Julia Child

I got really excited about this challenge.  Not long ago my Great Aunt was getting rid of some cookbooks, and she let me take this one:

It’s huge.  Like 500+ pages, and weighs like, 5 pounds (not really).  It has just about every recipe you could think of, instructions, and Julia Child’s signature straightforward tone, pith, and wit.

So, channeling my inner Amy Adams (just kidding, it’s universally agreed that her half of the movie was pretty meh), I dug through this massive cookbook and had . . . no clue what to make.  I could’ve done the traditional Julia dishes: Beef Bourguignon, Coq au Vin, Clafoutis, lots more French things that are way more complicated.  But, Lisa was throwing a housewarming part this weekend, and I wanted to make something I could bring, and something sweet.  I went with Puff Pastry filled with Pastry Cream.

I used my go-to recipe for Pastry Cream from Williams Sonoma, it’s my go-to baking cookbook.  I actually consulted it a few times because Julia Child’s cookbook was a little difficult to follow.

But I heated up the dough.

And added the eggs.

Then baked them, and filled them with the pastry cream.

I struggled a bit, with the piping bag, and the size of my oven (it’s small with only one rack).  I like to think Julia would’ve been impressed with my ingenuity.  Kidding.  They got a little soft, lacking that crunch that is always so yummy.

Lisa’s Housewarming was a blast!

Lisa had a great spread.

Her boyfriend Thad smoked some ribs & a turkey.

And we enjoyed an awesome bonfire.

Things I learned:

  • I need to improve my pastry cream – figure out how to thicken it.
  • I need to keep trying with the pastry – I think trying a different recipe?
  • I could probably learn a lot from more recipes in this cookbok.

Lisa will be back with Alton Brown!




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