Week 28 – Breading/Drudging

So, my favorite thing to make that fits the breading/drudging theme is Chicken Parmesan. It’s such an easy meal but it tastes great and is a little impressive. However, I thought I should try a recipe that I haven’t before. So I started scrolling through Pinterest and found this link: 12 Game-Changing Breaded Chicken Recipes. Perfect. I picked a Baked Honey Garlic Chicken recipe.

It was super easy…you just cut the chicken into one inch pieces, stick them in the egg mixture and then in the Panko/breadcrumb mixture.


Then put them on a baking sheet…


Then bake for 20 ish minutes


While they are baking, throw the sauce (honey, soy sauce, Sriracha) together. Then toss the chicken with the sauce and eat with veggies or rice.


I didn’t love the sauce (make sure you taste it before you put it on the chicken!), so I didn’t put it on all of the chicken. I didn’t think ahead to make rice or veggies, but that would have been the way to go.

So, in the end, I thought the sauce was too garlicky, but I loved the breaded chicken. I’m glad I didn’t toss the sauce with all of the chicken. I’m thinking about just putting marinara and mozzarella cheese on the rest of the chicken or finding a lemon sauce to dip them in.

Next week is potatoes…I can’t wait to see what Janine ends up making!


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