Week 21 – New to You

Guys, in case you haven’t figured out – just about everything with this cooking challenge and blog is new to me.

Peppers, pretzels, food processors, de-seeding peppers – it’s all fresh, different, and full of . . . new-ness.

Which is kind of the point of this challenge, isn’t it?  It’s getting me out of my comfort zone and taking on a new challenge all the time.

So for this week, I decided to keep everything as new to me as possible. I used a new cookbook, new appliance, and new recipe for something I’ve never cooked before.

I decided on pesto chicken.  As a kid I wasn’t a huge fan of pesto, but the great thing about this challenge is it’s making me try new things & re-try foods I’d already decided I didn’t like.

I used the pesto recipe from the Edible Twin Cities, my newest cookbook (thanks, Chad!).  I’d recommend it – there are some fantastic-looking classics and tons of new ideas, which is pretty befitting of the Twin Cities’ foodie-esque culture.

Ingredients in my new food processor (thanks to my baby brother, Steven!).  It’s basil, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese, garlic cloves, salt, & pepper.

Pesto, apparently, is the generic Italian term for anything made by pounding. Traditionally pesto is made with a mortar & pestle – but I decided to skip on tradition this time.


Add olive oil once it gets to a paste-like texture.  This is done with the processor on, and you slowly pour the olive oil through the chute in the top.

Some pesto on the bottom of the dish, chicken breasts in strips, and more pesto on top.

I used this Pesto Chicken recipe to combine everything (it was super, super easy).

Bake with a little bit of mozzarella cheese on top!

Things I learned:

  • I’d maybe chop the pine nuts a bit more before I toss them in.
  • Broil the mozzarella (that’s what the recipe calls for, but I forgot about it.)
  • Ease up on the olive oil – there was a bit much. Either I misread the recipe, or things got too blended before I added the olive oil.

This was so easy and so yummy. I’m learning to like pesto as I get older – I’d definitely recommend this recipe.  Maybe with a bit of rice or pasta to toss with the remaining pesto.

Speaking of new things – we’ve added a few new menus up top.  If you’re looking for a particular post or theme,  head to the Themes menu. Lisa linked the themes to all our old posts, making everything easy to find.  There are also menus for our favorite online recipe resources, and our favorite blogs.  Check them out!

Come back next week – Lisa’s doing Indian!


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