Week 16 – Knifework

Week 16 – Knifework. As soon as Janine and I realized this was coming up, we started talking about what kinds of things we could do for the Knifework theme. My brilliant idea was to chop up a bunch of veggies for stew or soup. I’m pretty sure Janine called that idea “boring.” I probably should have done something clever like make a flower out of a pineapple, but that seemed like too much work.

I had a potluck at work where we were supposed to bring our favorite holiday treat or snack. I figured everybody would be bringing in cookies, so I decided to bring in Pomegranate Salsa, a favorite recipe I got from Dee’s blog a few years ago. I thought that this salsa could also fit the Knifework theme because I had to use a knife to cut open the pomegranates. Remember, we’re not too strict about our recipes following the theme…it’s just important that we make something each week and try to challenge ourselves once in a while. (This was clearly not one of those challenge myself weeks…)

I did some research and found out that the way I cut open a pomegranate is the same way the internet suggests you do it…imagine that! Here are the steps:

pom 2

First, cut the bottom so you can put it flat on the cutting board.

pom 3

Second, cut around the top, but don’t insert the knife too deep

pom 6

pom 7

Next, score the skin…make four cuts down the sides, but don’t make them too deep, or else you’ll cut into the seeds.

pom 1

Then fill up a bowl with water. I take the seeds out of the skin under water. This helps prevent getting juice all over the place.


It also allows everything else to float to the top, which you can then easily remove from the water.

pom 4

Once you just have the seeds, you can start making the salsa. This would be a fun and unique dish to bring to a Christmas, New Years Eve, or Super Bowl party!

pom 5

Does anybody have a way they prefer to open a pomegranate? Janine told me once that, after cutting it open, she whacked it with a wooden spoon to get the seeds out. I can just picture the mess she had to clean up.


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