Week 14 – Leftovers

Everybody loves Thanksgiving leftovers, right? Unfortunately, now that I’m not living at home, I don’t get any leftovers. Sure, sure, I could have asked for some, but I thought I should probably eat salads for the rest of the week instead of overindulging on even more traditional Thanksgiving foods. No leftovers means that I wasn’t able to make something based on leftover turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, or cranberries.

Instead I found a recipe that I could make with the limited food that I had on hand. I had two things in my house that I had been looking to use up…heavy whipping cream and potatoes. The heavy whipping cream was leftover from the green bean casserole I made for Thanksgiving. I can’t give you the link to the recipe (and I’m def. not typing it all), because it’s from Cooks Illustrated and they have a lock down on their recipes. I got a free two week trial so I could get the recipe for this year. I was smart enough to print it out and save it for next year, too. So the green bean casserole is why I have heavy whipping cream. I had to buy a bag of potatoes for the chicken pot pie I made for Week 13 (Pie). I bought a second bag of potatoes because they were on sale 2 for $3 and I couldn’t pass up that great of a deal.


So what can you do with heavy whipping cream and potatoes? Potato soup, obviously. The only thing I didn’t have on had was celery, but I just stole that from my parents (Thanks, Mom). The recipe came from The Pioneer Woman blog.  Janine and I have both used recipes from her blog and find them to be easy to follow and they consistently turn out great.

I followed her instructions very closely. I did use an immersion blender as she suggested. It’s so much nicer to blend the soup while it is still in the pot than having to transfer it to a blender.


Next time, I’d make more bacon. It smells so good when cook it that you (and anybody hanging out in the house) can’t resist having a slice or two. You want to make sure there is enough to top all of the soup! I also didn’t have Cajun seasoning, so I looked at this recipe and just sprinkled a little of all of those spices in the pot. Finally, I didn’t add parsley because I didn’t have it. I don’t think parsley is going to make or break any recipe, but correct me if I’m wrong.


I think it turned out pretty well…I’d definitely make it again!

Next week is “Fancy” Ingredients. Does anybody have any suggestions for what ingredients Janine should feature in her blog post? What do you consider to be a “fancy” ingredient?


6 thoughts on “Week 14 – Leftovers

  1. As tasty as a baked potato, yet a texture that is as smooth as a milk shake. A wonderful soup that warms your entire body. At a time of the year where soup is common, this one stands out as the very best!


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