Week 11 – Pizza

I thought pizza would be the perfect theme for me to blog about because my family has been going out for pizza every Friday night since before I was born. It has always been something to look forward to: time with my family and pizza, one of my favorite foods! When we were kids, that was also the meal with which we were able to have pop…it was a big deal.

Anyway, this week I didn’t feel like I had time to make pizza, with the crust and everything. I found a recipe I wanted to try for pizza pull apart bread. I’m always looking for a quick and easy appetizer recipe to have on hand. I used this recipe from Sweet and Simple Living.

Here are the ingredients


Basically, you just mix all of the ingredients in a bowl and then throw it into a (well greased) pan.

In the pan

Here it is right out of the oven. Looks good, right?


Then you flip it over onto a plate. Thanks for the help, Mom!



finished product

The finished product…if it would have come out of the pan easily, I would have flipped it over and it probably would have looked a little nicer.

Final Thoughts: The recipe was super easy, and had I remembered to grease the pan, it would have looked a little better. The bread itself was okay. I probably wouldn’t make this recipe again. However, I’ve made a similar recipe in the past, and that one worked out really well. Check out this recipe for pizza bites from Seeded at the Table. It was almost as easy to put together as the pizza pull apart bread, but it looked nicer, it was easier to pull apart, and it got good reviews from my friends. Comment below if you have an easy recipe for pizza!

Next week is Your First Foods and Janine will be back at it. What are you going to make? It could involve the first food that you ate, the food you cooked, or something having to do with your first food memory.


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