Cooking Challenge

Hi Friends! We’re Lisa and Janine!


Lisa and Janine


We saw this awesome challenge on Reddit. We both like to cook, but have been having difficulty making time to spend in the kitchen. We saw this challenge and thought it would be fun and a good way to cook at least one meal per week.


Here’s the way it works: We came up with one theme for each week for 52 weeks. Ok, actually we stole most (but not all!) of the ideas from Reddit. Our goal is to incorporate the theme into one meal a week, even if it is just as a side or a snack. Then we will take turns posting about what we made and how it turned out. Hopefully we’ll be able to try new recipes, share the old ones, and have fun cooking.


We’re really hoping to have our friends and family follow us and participate in the journey! You don’t have to blog about it, or even post about it. All you have to do is try to make something that incorporates the theme each week. It’s up to you if that recipe is tried and true or something new (see how that rhymes??). We’ll talk about the next week’s theme at the end of the blog post, so that gives you time to think about a recipe and go grocery shopping. We’ve also listed the upcoming themes on the right-hand side (see how Janine created that widget?), so you can follow along there, too.


We see this challenge as just one more way to stay connected, so please comment on the blog, send us Snapchats, post on Instagram and Facebook (#landjcook52), whatever way you want to show us what you’ve been cooking. We’re looking forward to seeing what you guys make!

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